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NEW FOR 2008

1.6mm (CA290) and 2.0mm (CA292) Pushrod Connectors

The smaller 1.6mm version is particularly useful for modern micro servos, shown here on a 4.4gram Supertec servo with carbon control rod. Note the use of a nut beneath the servo arm for extra security.

Small (GA2711) and Large (GA2712) Brass Latch

A pair of brass latches which can have many uses in aircraft, boats and cars. The smaller one being very good for electric model planes. The coin shown for size comparison is 0.5 Euros, about the same size as a UK 10 pence and a US quarter.

Nylon Hatch Latch GA2713

A very useful general purpose nylon latch show against a US quarter. Below is the latch in use on a removable hatch from a model jet.

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