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25mm Plastic Wheels AA1425 and Aluminium Axle Stubs AA1450

We have designed these lightweight Aluminium Axle Stubs and 25mm Plastic Wheels for small electric models. The Axles stubs can be glued to 2mm carbon-fibre rod for an elegant mounting solution (shown below).

Electric Flight Control Horn

Lightweight control horns for 3mm and 6mm thick Depron foam models. Two versions available for fitting to 1.5mm carbon-fibre rod CA280 or 2mm carbon-fibre rod CA282.

Note that the CA280 has been designed to complement our 1.5mm control links CA260.

Electric Flight Tailskids

Following on with our electric theme, we have these simple to install tailskids, which could also double as wing-tip skids.  AA1421

Closed Loop Adapters 

CA270 - M2 Closed Loop Adapters
CA272 - M3 Closed Loop Adapters

Electric Motor Prop-Savers

Designed to fit most popular makes of small electric motors. Available in AA1700/3mm and AA1700/3.2mm, these come complete with "O" ring.
"O" rings can be supplied separately as AA1710.
For example, shown here fitted to an AXi motor with GWS slow-fly prop.

Larger Electric Motor Mount AA1535

Following on from the excellent response to the AA1530 8mm engine mount shown below, we have created a 10mm version for larger engines. Flange diameter is 44mm.

2mm Control Links for Electric Models CA260

These new control links are similar to our standard CA102 part except the centre is designed to except a 1.5mm carbon-fibre rod, simply secure with glue.

Electric Motor Mount AA1530

Moulded in black glass filled nylon, these mounts are impact resistant, giving protection to the motor and the model. The holding tube is glued into the fuselage which reinforces this vulnerable area.

The flange part is fixed by screws to the to the rear of the motor. It has been designed to fit onto as many different types of motor as possible. The holes in the flange shown are particularly suitable for the AXi 2208 motor shown above.

 The mount can also be used with Tweety and C&K motors by omitting the flange and mounting the motor directly into the 8mm internal diameter holding tube, shown below. In fact any motor with an 8mm diameter mounting shaft can be instantly fitted, for example JPS and Nippy motors.

The design allows for the holding tube to be fitted to sheet foam models by cutting to length and gluing  into place, as shown below.

Larger sizes will be available soon. A 44mm flange and a companion 10mm intenal diameter holding tube is in the final stages of manufacture and testing.

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