This is an all-new design for the larger model. There are two versions. One for control surface thickness of up to 10mm and an alternative version for even thicker sections.

Both types use a tough moulded nylon baseplate into which is clamped an M3 screw and nyloc nut. This forms the control arm of the horn. Onto this M3 screw a single hole connector to the control rod is fitted. Shown on the right is CA195.

The baseplate is fixed to the control surface by three No.2 x 3/8"  pozi-drive pan head screws into a strengthened area such as plywood or hardwood. The alternative version has three M2 x 16mm long bolts with nuts, which pass through the control surface in drilled holes to a nylon backplate. It is recommended that a locking compound be used to secure the nuts. Shown on the left is CA196.